Conrad Weiser High School

Television Production I

Course objectives:

Video Production is an introductory course designed to introduce the students to the world of video. Through a variety of projects the students will learn the three phases of the production process, script writing, effective camera shooting techniques, video editing techniques as well as how to add music, titles and narration to their video.

Course areas of emphasis:

  • Improve students’ written and verbal communication skills
  • Provide hands-on experience with video and computer technology
  • Prepare students for real-world work experience by focusing on teamwork, deadlines, time management, and presentation of ideas
  • Camcorder and video equipment basics
  • Camera shots, composition and movements
  • Three phases of production
  • Production roles
  • Non-Linear editing within Final Cut Pro
  • Lighting, Sound, and Microphones
  • Electronic News Gathering Basics
  • Studio Production/Introduction to Broadcast Journalism
  • Scripting and Creating a short film

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